Lake Assessment

We'll help you every step of the Way

We work first hand with Pond and Lake owners.  We use Pond & Lake management tools to give you a comprehensive pond and Lake assessment.  We also work closely with HOA's and LOA's to improve fishing and water quality in your neighborhood.  We work with companies on projects to improve fishing for their clients and employees.  We use some of the best products in the industry and we customize it to fit your project or budget. Pond and Lake Management can be an affordable solution for your Pond or Lake. Services have become more affordable and technology has helped the industry become more available for those with smaller ponds and lakes. Other Names for an Electrofishing survey are known as Pond or Lake Shocking.  With this method we are able to determine age by evaluating the fish to see if they are on target or behind.  We will also give a report of findings and offer solutions to improve the quality of your fishing.  Aeration is also a great option to improve water quality.  This can be achieved with top water aeration units, diffused aeration units or fountains.   Contact us today.. Also visit for more information.

We offer Pond and Lake Assessments for Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana.