Get the Most from Your Lake

Electrofishing is simply passing a current into the water between the Anode and Cathode.  Fish that are caught in this field will be stunned just long enough for evaluation.  During the lake assessment the fish are checked for age, size and weight.  They are also checked for health and parasites.  After they are checked, they are returned to the water.  Lake assessments using Electrofishing methods use to be for high end customers.  We have made this service available to smaller pond and lake owners. Technology has made this more affordable and is very effective. 


Lake Assessment

Lake Assessment

A Lake Assessment will give you the information you need to turn your lake into a productive fishery.  Lake Assessments are the most common way to determine your fish population.  Electrofishing methods are a great tool to determine size, weight and age of your bass.  After a Lake Assessment you will receive a report with recommendations.  This will give you the information you need to turn an average fishery into your personal honey hole.  If you want more information you can visit 

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